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The Gospel According to Mark pt. 17 (“Lord of the Storm” – Mark 4:35-41)

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

For our latest sermon series, we have been walking through the Gospel according to Mark. This week’s sermon is from Mark 4:35-41 and is entitled “Lord of the Storm.” Here are the sermon notes with a link for the sermon at the bottom:

I. Jesus is Lord of our storms.
A. God allows storms in our lives.
B. God is sovereign over the storms.

II. Jesus is Lord of our fears.
A. Fear reveals what we value most.
B. Fear reveals the object of our faith.

III. Jesus is Lord of the ultimate storm.
A. Jesus did not abandon us in the ultimate storm.
B. Jesus will not abandon us in the smaller storms.
C. Jesus will return and still all storms for eternity.

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The Mission of Jesus: A Concern for the City (Luke 19:41-44)

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Our latest series of sermons is based on the mission of Jesus. Our responsibility as Christians is to become more like Jesus every day. This means we are to learn and understand the mission of Jesus so that we can live on mission with him. This week’s sermon reveals that being on mission with Jesus means we have to be concerned for the city like He was. When we recognize Jesus’ concern for the city, it drives us to become like him in our living lives sacrificially for those within our own city. After you look at your city through eyes of Jesus, you’ll never see it the same again. Here’s a short outline with a link to the sermon below, or if you have iTunes, you can go to our page there and subscribe to our podcast.

I. Three Parts to a Healthy Heart

1. A concern for the glory of God.
2. A concern for the sanctification of the church.
3. A concern for the salvation of the lost.

II. Your Desire Drives Your Direction

1. Who is the greatest beneficiary of my time?
2. Who is the greatest beneficiary of my resources?
3. Whomever benefits the most from my actions, that is the one upon whom I’ve set my affections.

III. Your Direction, Not Your Intentions, Determines Your Destination

1. Jesus must become the object of our affection.
2. The gospel is the light that directs our path.
3. Our actions determine our impact for the kingdom.

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